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Pizza in BA: A short guide

Pizza in BA: A short guide
Juli Cecere

First time down in Buenos Aires and no idea what to expect when we say “pizza”? Pizza in BA is a must-eat food when travelling to Argentina. Take a look at this short pizza guide to survive:

* Italian heritage: Argentina received tons of Italian immigrants back in the XIX and XX centuries, so as people came down here, their food tradition came along! In BA you’ll find great pizzas to explore, based on italian’s food tradition.

* Pizza toppings can be done with almost everything you can imagine, from onions, to palm hearts & golf dressing (mayonnaise and ketchup, known as salsa golf) to chopped boiled eggs & ham. Argentines are obsessed with ham & cheese (we can discuss this later, now we’ll focus on pizza).

* “Porteños”, nickname for the inhabitants of the city of BA (no idea

Pizza & faina, best marriage

how they look like? I’m a porteña myself! Check out my profile) love pizza and all types of carbs.

* Pizza with faina is very popular. Faina is a chickpea dough – but thinner than pizza and very yummy- that is eaten with the pizza. Great match, best marriage ever. Still don’t know why this combination is not a thing in other countries!

*Moscato, pizza and faina: It doesn’t get more porteño than this. Moscato is an inexpensive red wine, very sweet that somehow works with pizza & faina. I prefer this marriage with craft beer. However, I say this is worth trying!

* Fugazzeta: It’s the best kind of pizza you’ll ever get (don’t think this is a biased personal opinion, it’s a fact guys!). It’s mozzarella pizza with tons of onions. To go above and beyond, follow instructions in this pizza guide in BA and order the “fugazzeta rellena” option, which is pizza’s heaven- has double cheese and extra onions.


Are you wondering where you can get this delicious pizzas while in BA? Go to El Cuartito Pizza Place.  It’s always packed, so be patient because you’ll have to wait. They don’t take reservations, so mind going early for dinner. You can try at 8 pm or earlier, from 9 pm onward the rush hour starts!

El Cuartito, one of the best pizza places in BA

El Cuartito is the must eat place for pizza in BA. The place, which opened in 1934 and is well known for its traditional pizza style, is located in Talcahuano Street 937, near Recoleta Area.  If I were you I wouldn’t leave the country without having the “fugazzeta rellena” pizza with faina. Also, a “pizza napolitana” (packed with tomato slices, olive and garlic) will make your day & trip too.

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